You can access your child's grades via the Skyward Parent Portal.

To see your child's projects, you can sign into your HEADRUSH Account.

Resilience offers music or chorus class as an elective course in certain semesters, depending on instructor availability.

Students may only use their own laptop or tablet outside of class time (lunch, break, morning/aftercare, etc.)

Resilience classes typically have around 20 students, although sometimes this number is greater based on overall school enrollment.

9:10 am - 3:25 pm every weekday except Wednesdays, which is 9:10 am - 1:32 pm. Doors open to all students at 8:30 am every day. The office is open 7:30 am – 4 pm. See below for paid morning and aftercare info.

Resilience works to proactively prevent bullying by incorporating a strong social emotional curriculum for all students and building a positive and supportive school culture. If issues of bullying do arise, we use a Restorative Justice approach to allow everyone affected to address the incident(s) and develop agreements for repairing and preventing further harm.

Each student and situation are different. Resilience does use a referral system to allow teachers to send students to administration for disruptive behavior, where coaching and guidance are offered along with natural consequences for a student’s behavioral choices.

Please find our HEADRUSH Cheat Sheet here.

Lunch is provided by the Alachua County School District and will comply with all Free and Reduced lunch options. Alternatively, students can bring their own lunch...

Resilience serves students with 504 plans and IEPs and accommodates students with special needs. According to the terms of the charter, students must have a plan which places them in the general education classroom at least 80% of the school day in order for them to attend Resilience.

Resilience has a contract with the Alachua County School Board for our students to ride the Howard Bishop Middle School buses next door. Please complete this form if you would like to request a bus assignment for your student:

Before and after school care options are available for purchase by parents.

Before care (7:30-8:30 a.m.) costs $10/week.

After care is available from dismissal until 5:30p.m. $20/1-2 days per week, or $35/3-5 days per week (based on per child).

Volunteer opportunities are as varied as there are volunteers. Please check with the front office to see what jobs and services are available to volunteers and complete the volunteer application

Clubs are encouraged and welcomed. All clubs will be up to students to organize with the help of a Teacher Advisor.

Our school has a "no needless homework" policy. Students may be expected to work on projects at home, finish unfinished classwork, or do some reading, math reinforcement, and/or journal-writing.

While some sports may be offered at the school in the future, students are welcome to attend their zoned-school's sports programs. A variety of sports equipment will be available during lunch/break.

Yes, our charter middle school complies with all standards set forth by the Florida Department of Education, including all standardized tests and End of Course Exams.

Students have the right to dress in such a way as to express their own personality. While our public charter school does not have a formal dress code (i.e., uniform), students' dress should not be disruptive to the school’s mission, vision, and/or philosophy. This also applies to field trips, site visits, academic internships, and other school-related activities, and applies equally to students and staff. Text or images that promote violence, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or any discrimination is prohibited on any article of clothing. Exposure of underwear is prohibited. Students taking Capoeira are advised to wear clothes they can move in as they will be required to do high kicks.

Resilience Charter School maintains that it is critical that all members of the charter middle school community respect each other’s rights, individuality, and differences. Compassion and mutual respect provide the platform for sharing, learning, innovation, and personal development. Accordingly, our public charter school seeks to prevent harassment of any kind, including harassment based on gender, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, body-shaming, sexual orientation, or of a sexual nature.

Resilience is in the process of accreditation with AdvancED and will notify families when accreditation is received.